The 'Z-Knot' is probably the strongest fly fishing knot

Published: 2016-06-14 17:00:09
Categories: Fly Fishing

Authors: Petri Kemppainen, Jan Šiman

This knot is the strongest one we know to attach a fly to the tippet. We have tested it over 5 year on Stroft tippets ABR and GTM and its strength is almost 100%!!! (most often the tippet breaks far away from the hook eye rather than at the knoe).

In addition, it is fast to tie (once you get used to it) as there is no threading of the tag end through any loops - rather thumb and index finger are used to grab the tag end to pull it through. This means also that this knot is easier to tie also in poor light or for people with impaired eyesight.

Instructions step by step

Step 1: Thread through line, leave a long line end.

Step 2: Form a loop with a long line end, do not cross or twist the lines.

Step 3: Enter index finger underneath the main line.

Step 4: Enter index finger through the loop, from right to left.

Step 5: Twist loop around the main line once...

Step 6: ...and twice.

Step 7: Enter thumb through the same loop as your index finger.

Step 8: Grab tag end...

Step 9: ...and pull it through.

Step 10: Moisten and carefully pull tight, you should hear a 'pop' when the knot is properly set! Before this, the knot should be either too tight or too loose.

Step 11: When the knot 'sets' you hear a distinkt 'pop'.

Step 12: Close-up of the finished knot, both tag ends should point away from the hook.