Moira Socks THERMO SET

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Very warm functional socks in a set with sock inserts are designed for demanding conditions.
Made in the Czech Republic.

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Recommended for activities: fishing, hunting, winter climbing, horse riding, winter manual work, downhill skiing, snowboarding, street fashion, winter hiking.
Thermal insulation.

Very warm socks in a set with sock inserts are designed for demanding conditions.
The architecture of the sock has a strong binding provided on the inside with a dense, long loop. The inner loops dampen shocks to the foot, define the foot in the shoe and, with good moisture wicking, maintain a large amount of air serving as an insulator between the fibers of the loops. The toe and heel are materially reinforced and the heel is followed by a reinforced zone protecting the Achilles tendon. Above the instep are stripes with omitted loops, which allow comfortable bending of the foot. Two bandage stripes, over the instep and above the ankle, fix the sock well on the foot. The socks are finished with a medium-high hem of a shallow ribbed binding with an even clamp. The construction of the socks allows you to use all the technical possibilities of modern footwear.

In particularly cold climates, it is possible to use sock insoles, which will further enhance the excellent properties. Thermo socks are supplied together with the insoles as a set, which increases the possibility of wearing them in three variants: the socks themselves, the socks with the insert, the insoles themselves.

Material composition: 54% Merino wool, 33% polypropylene MOIRA - functional fibers based on polypropylene, 12% Polyamide, 1% Elastane.


Sock insoles are a very specific product that has several uses. The construction of the inserts uses the properties of two completely different materials, wool and polypropylene, which create different perceptual zones. The toe consists of a wool knit from plush loops reaching almost to the middle of the foot, which is followed by a smooth polypropylene weave with numerous segments and surfaces from plush loops. In the wool and polypropylene part of the foot, channels are formed between the raised plush segments, the meaning and function of which vary depending on the method of use.
The instep part of the insert is filled with plastic strips of plush weave, regularly alternating narrower strips of mesh knit, which run from the fingers to the end hem of the insert. The heel and circular ankle protectors are materially reinforced. The insert is finished with a low soft adhesive edge.
If the insoles are worn in a sock, preferably in Thermo socks, they are worn on the foot with the smooth side in. The outer plastic segments snap into the inner structure of the sock and thus the insole is secured against slipping. Moisture enters the smooth knit of the insole and is transferred to the outside of the sock. The wool at the tip of the liner generates heat when wet. Thanks to the loops, the spaces between the sock and the insole can hold a large amount of air, which has high thermoregulatory abilities.
When wearing the insoles separately, it is necessary to put them in with plastic segments inside, to the foot. The wool at the tip of the insert generates heat when wet, the moisture between the plastic segments is ventilated outwards. The result of both methods of dressing the insoles is a perfect feeling of dryness and warmth, but always in different climatic conditions.

Material composition: 43% polypropylene MOIRA - functional fibers based on polypropylene, 30% Merino wool, 25% Polyamide, 2% Elastane.

Size chart

Size of Moira socks34-56-78-910-1112-13
EU shoe size35-3637-38.539-41.542-4344-4647-48
Foot length in mm220-225230-245250-265270-280285-295300-310

Carefully read the label with the maintenance symbols sewn into the product. Wash the products upside down. Zippers, shorteners or plastic patches can cause tears in finer knits. MOIRA products are recyclable and do not harm the environment.


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Moira Socks THERMO SET

Moira Socks THERMO SET

Very warm functional socks in a set with sock inserts are designed for demanding conditions.
Made in the Czech Republic.