List of products by manufacturer Franco Vivarelli

Manufacturer of special semiautomatic reels

In 1984, he starts to sell this jewel completely made in Italy, but the Italian market doesn't seem to realize immediately this revolutionary product. On the contrary, it will be the French market, by the way thanks to a historicity of the automatic recovery, which trusts this product and supports the promotion of Franco Vivarelli. The enterprise was partially unprepared to face this immediate success and found it difficult to satisfy the enormous request of the product. In a short space of time, all the European fishers know the revolutionary semiautomatic display, but exactly during its highest expansion, the leader Franco Vivarelli died for a serious illness.

His wife Nerina Raspanti had the nerve to take over the business. She continued in manufacturing and expanding the business and was subsequently supported by the son Tommaso Vivarelli. Now, aesthetical innovations and technical improvements are introduced until the presentation of the models in aluminium which received the EFTTEX 2004 award in London for the best novelty. Notwithstanding the numerous imitations in the market, the enterprise continues to invest in development and improvement of the product line, remaining faithful towards the watchword "Made in Italy".

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